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Our Mission Statement

Turning small change into real change!

If every day we take even the smallest step in the right direction we will see positive change, now...imagine making a conscious effort and visualizing the outcome we want while putting in the work.  The Coin Purse Militia is all about saving and changing lives, one coin at a time. We could all use some healthy financial habits, so I created a series of handy tools to get things in order. Whether you are a business owner or handling personal expenses, the Coin Purse Militia financial planner will help you maintain a clear view of your goals and expenses throughout the year.

When I started my business there was so much I had to figure out on my own, and although I have learned a lot over the years, I could have benefited from the network that the Coin Purse Militia will grow into.  Think of it as your personal army of like-minded women who want to not only see you win, but are willing to help.  Shop our books and use our tools to get on the right track.


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