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Leontre has always had a passion for expressing herself through writing. The Jamaican born author made her writing debut with her first book entitled “Middle-Aged 18-Year-Old”. She is passionate about creative writing and was inspired by her two beautiful children to write her first children’s story "Lyanna's Flower" followed by a romance novella entitled "Heart On A String".  Leontre currently resides in Georgia, USA with her children. 



Lyanna's Flower

a children's book by Leontre Williams

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We are all unique and there is beauty in variety.

Never be afraid to Stand Out, Stand Up or Speak Out in defense of yourself or someone else who is being bullied for being different.  Join Lyanna on her amazing journey of self-love.  Available in-store and on Amazon.

The Little Luca Grey Series

Learn colors, shapes and more The Little Luca Grey way,

with poetry and a splash of humor.Available in-store and on Amazon.

A YELLOW Sun E-book.png
SHAPES ebook.png
My daddy says paperback.png
I can count 6x9.png
Copy of I can read SoftCover 6x9 (6.125 × 9.25 in).png
Copy of Copy of a book of shapes SoftCover 6x9 (14.116 × 10.417 in) (6.125 × 9.25 in).png



Middle-Aged 18-Year-Old

The Revised Edition
a book of poetry by Leontre Williams

Life is about navigating through all the things meant to break us, build us and refine us.  We must be fearless on our journey to become our best selves.  We must abandon regret and embrace the lessons.  Available in-store and on Amazon.

A line meant ep artwork (4).png

A line meant...

a guided conversation by Leontre Williams

When things no longer feels

Like the life you want is moving away from you,

No longer feels like you are chasing after

the things you want...

It feels like those things are moving towards you and finding their rightful place. That is peace.


Heart On A String

a romance novella by Leontre Williams
Copy of Copy of heart on a string Love Ties cover.png

It was all figured out and, as it had for years.  Leah Roberts had no idea a beautiful storm was headed for her perfect life.  This black love story is sure to have you laughing, crying and all in your feelings as Leah's journey unfolds.  Be prepared for nostalgia as these moments are sure to hit close to home and connect in a real way.  The passion within these pages will no doubt have your heart racing as you root for love to win.  Available in-store and on Amazon.

As Leah and Dax' story continues, we find out how strong their love really is, as they navigate all that life throws at them.


Coin Purse Militia Collection

Stay on top of things with our financial planner, budget tracker, journal and vision book.  Available in-store and on Amazon.

coin purse militia cover b&w.png
coin purse militia  budget tracker mini
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